Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gotta rattle the cage a bit...

No, the event in the comic today never really happened, and that girl is entirely fictional. Even if it had I was never such a jerk that I would have called my buddies over and wrecked her place. I didn't have that many friends anyway! Besides, my exes had far sneakier ways of keeping me from playing guitar...

I'm tired and bored with doing this camera stuff we're doing at work, so I took a little time to do some recreational painting:

My portfolio really desperately needs updating, so I figured I'd start by turning some of the drawings in it into really sharp paintings. This one is based on this drawing, which is a sort of fanciful rendering of my imaginary future starship yard where I "build" my imaginary starships. I borrowed a bit from Arthur C. Clarke's 3001: Final Odyssey, and decided to put my shipyard at the top of one of his huge Towers that go from the surface of the earth all the way up to synchronous orbit, about 22,600 miles tall. Seems like a good place to build starships, huh?

So this is a huge bay at the very top of the tower, where tenants like myself own or lease sections and can fix them up as they see fit. The hole in the roof allows the ships to fly in and out, the whole interior of the bay is open to space. So at this stage, I'm just setting up the basic architectural structures and figuring out how the sunlight shines in through the open hatch and then bounces off to light other surfaces. There will be other lights in the painting, but the raw sunlight will be the brightest by far. There won't be any atmospheric haze, so the cast shadows will be very sharp, with light reflecting off the brightly lit surfaces and lighting up everything else to a lesser degree. I think it's looking okay so far.


Blogger Kevin said...

based on what ive seen you do at work....yeah you may need a portfolio redo. Well see what "D" Man has to say about the Pirates work.

11:54 PM  

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