Monday, October 27, 2008

80s Rocker Time - My "Steele" CD for sale

I've been getting comments on an older post about putting my 1996 CD "Steele" up for sale, so here's a repost:

If you'd like to buy a burned CD-R copy of my "Steele" CD, you can PayPal US$7.50 for USA and Canada addresses, $14.50 for international addresses (covers CD and shipping) to me at, and I will send it right out to you. I will add the CD to my store, too.

You can listen to 5 of the 10 songs on the album on my Myspace Music page.

I will see if I can make a PDF file of the CD art and booklet. I still have the files but they may be too old to work with...

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Myspace Music: I haz it

I've put up a page on Myspace Music for my hair-band alter-ego self, the Artist Formerly Known As Jeff Steele. I've included some songs from the 1996 CD, so if you haven't heard them, have a listen! I'm still working on adding stuff to the page, but a pretty good bunch of my rocker friends are on there so feel free to explore the wide world of NY/NJ Tristate Area hard rock, hehehe...

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